About Us

Who are we?

We are a small Leeds based company. We are run and managed by one person. We have a passion for open source software and solutions. We aim to use all open source software in order to provide you with the cheapest, yet fully functional, web hosting experience possible.

Why Open Source?

We have a passion for Open Source. Originally we used Windows servers but we found that the community did not offer enough support. When we looked to Ubuntu we found that the Open Source community were thriving and had no problem with helping us with any of our problems.

Be Part of Our Community

We aim to always provide you the best hosting possible at the lowest prices, that's why we will ensure the price of your hosting never goes up throughout the life of your account. As we evolve and get better as a hosting company we will never forget about older customers. If we implement a big upgrade all customers will be entitled to the same upgrade and the price of their hosting will not go up.